Here at Servo we know that we aren't anything if it weren't for our customers.  

If you are unhappy with your service, we want to know. Here are the type of actions you can take:

1. Leave negative feedback

2. Submit a claim


For some claims, your service can be refunded to you.


We take careful precautions in selecting service providers that perform industry-best work. Customers like you help us in this selection/vetting process. Learn more here.


How your claim will be handled:

1. A member of Servo's resolution team will reach out to you and the service provider regarding the issue.

2. If action is necessary, a plan will be submitted to you on how to remedy damages or dissatisfaction. The may involve re-servicing or touching-up on the service that you have received. 

 3. A member of Servo's resolution team will reach out to you afterwards to ensure correction has been made.


Types of claims that do not fall under The Servo Guarantee:

• Claims made with the explicit intent of recieving free service

• Claims made with the expectation to perform work other than how it is described on the 'product page' of each service. 


Important note: Claims involving damages will be handled by the insurance held by that service provider.