Servo is offering access to free and discounted services until official launch on January 10th, 2022.


• Free garbage can cleaning (1 Can)

• 10% off all other ServoCertified services


How does it work?

1. Use the following links when booking your service to have your coupon code automatically applied at checkout.

For free garbage can cleaning (1 Can): 

Or, input coupon code: BETA15 at checkout


For 10% off all other services:

Or, input coupon code: SERVO-BETA at checkout


2. After your service(s) are performed, write a review:

Important note: Early access participants may receive a phone call to discuss their experience with Servo. Any type of note, criticism, or feedback (good or bad) is appreciated. 
We want to hear: Features that you would like to see in the future, questions you had during your booking, etc...