Simple, Stress-Free Ways to Maximize Your Curb Appeal

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Prospective buyers are drawn to beauty in and around homes, like moths to a flame. It’s why curb appeal – how your house looks from the street – is so important. With high curb appeal, you can make your home appear a wonderful, wholesome place to live. It makes buyers more likely to want to come inside. Further, besides making your home more inviting, it directly influences the property’s market price – Millionacres says high curb appeal brings up your house’s value by 7 percent.  

The Servo team offers simple methods on maximizing your curb appeal without breaking a sweat, drawn from our expertise in home services and cleaning:

Spruce up your front door

Your front door is your home’s centerpiece, like the diamond on a ring. Give it a fresh coat of paint to make it more eye-catching and uplift the surroundings. Brown and black are stately, elegant colors, while bright reds and yellows can draw attention. Consider adding an artistic knocker and hanging up a wreath to dial up the charm. 

Clean and organize

Well-maintained, tidy spaces are always attractive. As such, organizing and decluttering your yard and your home’s exterior should be a priority. Power-wash any stained or dirty siding to make the exteriors gleam. Clean the windows to get rid of dust and grime. Cleaning is time-intensive, but you can always hire helping hands for cheap.

Repair what’s broken

Broken items and fixtures are an eyesore. Repairs go hand in hand with house cleaning and can make your property appear as good as new. You can do many minor repairs yourself such as replacing doorknobs on outside doors, fixing broken fences, and patching up window seals (which incidentally boosts energy efficiency). 

Add lighting

Bright lights and colors make humans happier and evoke many deep emotions, says TCP. With the right kind of lighting, you can make your home seem like a vibrant, joyful, and memorable place. Consider hanging up string lights, paper lanterns, and oil candles (in jars) in strategic places like porches, overhangs, and trees.

Make it green

Nature is always beautiful. Time reports nature and the color green boosts your mood and bust stress. By soaking your prospective buyers in greenery, you can make your home bewitching. Some simple ways to bring more nature are planning trees, getting potted plants, adding flower pots and window flower boxes, planting shrubs, and mowing the lawn.

Add a seating area or outdoor furniture 

Seating areas in the exterior of your home are not only beautiful, but they’re also practical. Everyone loves outdoor barbecues and entertaining guests outside when it’s summer. Seating areas can be simple: You can add a swing and some chairs, and wall it off the area with some bushes for privacy. If you’d like to do more, consider expanding your patio – or make a pagoda in your garden. 

Work on the walkway and entrance

The path leading up to your home has a big impact. It should preferably be easy to walk on, well-maintained, and match the surroundings. Consider giving it a makeover and using new material or pavers to make it extra comfortable and eye-catching. The stairs and entryway should likewise be accessible and good-looking.  

Don’t stand out too much 

Finally, you may be tempted to go all out and make your home the best one in the neighborhood. If curb appeal is so important, it’s worth your time and money, right? The answer is usually no. The best homes are frequently passed up by buyers. Make sure your home still matches the neighborhood to keep it a safe proposition. 


Don’t underestimate how powerful these small changes can be when combined. They can and will transform your home’s aesthetic overnight. More importantly, they’re affordable changes and don’t add to your home’s upkeep. Your rewards will be a beautiful home and a fatter wallet when you get around to selling.

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